Fast Track Removal

This sole use option provides full use of the loading area of up to 50m3 of 18 tonne lorry, plus a dedicated trained driver and porter to escort your consignment from one country to another.

This service also enables you the flexibility to fix and make travel arrangement by choosing the dates you wish the consignment to travel. With an impressive delivery service with a 4 days period. Effectively, you are without personal belonging for a minimal amount of period.

Our trained driver will assist with the loading and unloading and ensure that your consignment arrives at your new destination for you so that you ready to start your new adventure as quickly as possible.

This personalised service has also proven very popular with families that are governed by dates they need to travel and require their belongings to arrive at their new destination in the shortest length of time possible.

• Sole use of 50m3 18 tonne lorry
• Personalised for the dates your wish to travel. Enabling fixed travel arrangements
• Trained experience driver and porter to assistance loading and unloading.
• Up to 4 day delivery from collection to delivery
• Premier quality Goods in transit insurance.