Chauffeur driven service

A premium service and very much sought after. This service is ideal for those who wish to experience the journey to their new and exciting destination with the convenience of our dedicated, trained drivers and office staff meticulously planning the journey and relocation. Enabling the arrival of yourself, pets and consignment within a time scale of 3 days. Those who wish to kick back and leave it all to us !

Proven extremely popular with clients who wish to travel with pets and consignment.

On receipt of your travel dates our team will arrange, book and plan the route in meticulous details giving you peace of mind that all is hand and all you’ll need to do is ensure your consignment is ready with pets.

• 3.5 ton long wheel base designated van accommodating up to 15 m3.
• The convenience of fixing and choosing the dates you wish to travel along with your pets.
• Qualified experienced trained driver to assist with loading and unloading to escort yourselves to your new destination.
• Up to 2 passenger are welcome to travel with the vehicle plus pets
• Embark on the Brittany ferries cruise liner with restaurant and entertainment for a 24 hour crossing. Includes a pet friendly cabin with ensuite facilities. All expensed fuel and toll to destination.
• Premier quality goods in transit insurance.
• Arrival time to the new destination within 3 days.

This service can be tailored to each individual case. However, we do prefer to board the Brittany ferry sailing between the UK and Spain and visa versa with the option of pet friendly cabins if required.

This enables you to sit back and enjoy the sailing ready for your small onward journey by road to your final destination.

In the event, you have a preferred method of travel or requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us, where we’d be more than happy to accommodate any other needs.