Wrap, pack, load and Go

Whilst many of clients choose to pack their own possessions when moving home. If required, we can provide a full packing service and provide all the quality packing materials you need at a competitive price.
Our specially trained staff pack and wrap and deliver the highest standard of packing service. For those special important items like antiques, crystal or any other important items we can export wrap.
Paying the utmost attention to your items so the items are prepared and ready to ensure it’s safety whilst in transit.

Simply contact our friendly team today and we’ll be happy to help with all your packaging materials.

Today we can address some of the most fragile items within the house that may need attention when packing. Some tips…..

How to Pack some fragile Crockery Safely for Moving House
1. Buy medium heavy duty packing boxes. ...
2. Use bubble wrap to line the inside of your boxes. ...
3. Wrap each plate in tissue paper. ...
4. Pack the plates into the boxes on their side. ...
5. Fill gaps in the box. ...
6. Seal the box securely. ...
7. Label the boxes clearly.

How to secure a television from moving
1. Ideally, find the original box.
2. Unplug any cords and accessories.
3. Wrap a blanket or bubble wrap around the screen and secure with either rope or a bungee.
4. Use a protective plastic cover.

Fragile Steamware/crystal,wine and glassware.
1. Ideally, purchase cell boxes or use old cardboard boxes to create dividers. The goal is for each glass to fit comfortably into it’s own individual cell.
2. Acquire tissue and packing paper for the process.
3. Select glass, several sheets of tissue paper and gently stuff it into the interior until no space is left.
4. Take several sheets, place glass on its side and gently roll the glass forward, gently tucking the tissue for the remaining paper into the glass until the glass is completely wrapped.
5. Place the glass into one of the cells stem first. Use bubble wrap in any open spaces.
6. repeat for the remaining stemware.
7. Once the box is full ensure there are no empty spaces in the box that may allow the contents to shift around and possible break.

Packing Fragile Ornaments
1. Clean Ornaments
2. Ensure it’s structurally sound.
3. Fill any voids with packing paper.
4. Individually wrap and then double wrap each ornaments in bubble wrap,
5. Place ornament in box: Be mindful not to overpack your box. Just use common sense.