The 6 week Countdown to your European Removal

Staying organised and planning is the key to ensure you’re on top of everything for a stress-free moving day from start to finish.

We’ve created these points below as to assist you towards your move with some top tips that’s starts up to 8 weeks before your moving day depending on size of property.

European Removals

• Approx 6 to 8 weeks before the moving date: Assess the contents of the house, basement, attic, garage and garden. It’s a good opportunity to take a browse through those closets and remember you are moving to a totally different climate and you may not require as much of the clothing as you once did.

• Create an inventory of your consignment. Once compiled forward it to info@ready2goremovals for a competitive quote.

• Ensure all your travel arrangements are in place, flights, ferries, pet passports.

• If you are taking your car. It’ll prove a good time to MOT and service your vehicle.

• Donate, throw out or sell those unwanted items you’ve chosen not to take.

• At any time the consignment reduces or increases you’ll need to advise us accordingly.

• Purchase of packing materials: invest in good quality boxes, these boxes will be protecting your belongings whilst in transit. Look for crush resistant or double walled. Don’t be swayed to purchasing cheaper moving packs.

• Approx 1 month before the move: as you begin the packing process, adopt a labelling system to keep your belongings organized. It’s advisable to allow a day per room. Ready2go use their own labelling colour system whilst loading the vehicle. We will advise you accordingly on placing your order with us.

• Pack (or at least access) the outside and garage stuff. Begin dismantling any outdoor furniture, children play equipment and outdoor structures.

• Advise all your utility services of the forecasted moving date and ensure you can settle any outstanding bills and cancel the services from the moving date.

• Donate or giveaway any plants you may not wish to take with you.

• Transfer bank accounts and any foreign currency you may be needing to transfer. You may wish to consider our foreign currently exchange partner Infinity international. You can find their details in the Partners section.(Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Almeria, Malaga, Marbella)...

Moving Day

Wake up early!

Ensure access is good for the removal lorry, parking space and pathway has not been encroached by any cars or objects overnight.

Pack a cooler: today is going to require a lot of lifting etc. So it’s important you do not forget to eat or drink. Good idea to have some snacks and beverages in a cooler, making it easy to grab something on the go.

On the day it’s easy to forget those little jobs that may get missed. So it’s advisable to compile a list of things to do on the day to keep things on track.

• Did we take out the trash bags? 

• Last minute toiletries used In the morning.

• Basics that may be in the fridge for teas and coffees.

• What you don’t want to be is over thinking everything on the day whilst you may be needed elsewhere within the house.

Take one last walk through: You are leaving for another country it may be difficult to retrieve anything you may have left behind. So take the last walk though from top to bottom opening all cupboards, closets

All being well you have following our pointers which I hope has lead to a stress free day and you are all packed and Ready2Go.

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